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A Nook in Kinugawa Onsen
Our Country Home Surrounded by Nature

The 700-Year Story of the Tsuga Tree

About 700 years ago, during the era of the Kamakura shogunate, the "Tsuga tree" has been towering right in front of our establishment. It is said that this great tree has a mysterious power to purify bad energies. Why not venture to Kinugawa Onsen to encounter the Tsuga tree, which has been watching over a long history?

We, Hotel Tsuga no Ki, are a small inn situated a bit away from the hustle and bustle of Kinugawa Onsen town, surrounded by great nature. With a warm atmosphere reminiscent of a countryside home, delicious cuisine, and a variety of hot springs to enjoy, we welcome our guests for a comforting stay.

Located a bit away from the hustle and bustle in front of Kinugawa Onsen Station, Tsuga no Ki sits along the Kinugawa River, amidst vast natural surroundings. Here, you can enjoy a quality hot spring holiday enveloped in deep greens and serene silence.

The space at Tsuga no Ki, adorned with the luxurious texture of traditional Japanese ryokan and warm arrangements, is centered around the theme of "warmth and nostalgia," focusing on comfort and coziness.

Various rooms tailored to your journey

Choose your guest room to match the style of your trip, from dreamy rooms with open-air baths to calm standard Japanese-style rooms. Each of the 11 rooms with open-air baths has a different character, and they have been well-received by our guests.

The story of Kinugawa Onsen

Since its discovery in 1752, Kinugawa Onsen has become a popular hot spring inn for feudal lords and monks visiting Nikko during the Edo period. With the advent of the Meiji era, the hot springs were opened to the general public, developing into the hot spring town visited by many travelers today.

Our two large public baths are filled with the brimming hot springs of Kinugawa. With a switch in the morning and evening, you can enjoy both baths. Relish a moment of relaxation and comfort.

Usage Hours:
15:00–0:00 / 5:00–9:00

Special attention to ingredients

Centering on seasonal ingredients from Tochigi Prefecture, the indispensable seafood for kaiseki cuisine is directly delivered from the Boso Peninsula. Being a small inn, we have a particular focus on our ingredients.

From colorful and playful seasonal appetizers to sashimi using fish directly delivered from Boso and famous yuba (tofu skin) dishes. We prepare each dish of our visually stunning kaiseki course with care, not to be outdone by the natural beauty of Kinugawa. Enjoy a gourmet time unique to your travel destination.

About Kinugawa Onsen

Surrounding Tsuganoki, the vast nature nurtured by the Kinugawa River unfolds. In the quiet and leisurely flow of time, enjoy your favorite moments, whether it's a nearby walk or reading.

Relax in our open lounge while gazing at the greenery outside the window. We have prepared a special relaxation room with a lovely atmosphere for a private moment of healing. Next to the relaxation room, our book library offers a wide range of books from travel magazines to picture books, manga, and specialized books on interior design and cooking.

In our shop, the innkeeper has selected fine Japanese accessories and Tochigi's famous sweets. Please feel free to drop by.

Transportation Guide

〒321-2522 Tochigi Prefecture, Nikko City, Kinugawa Onsen Ohara 1438-1

Kinugawa Onsen Hotel Tsuganoki

Address:〒321-2522 Tochigi Prefecture, Nikko City, Kinugawa Onsen Ohara 1438-1
Tel: 0120-24-0003
Nearest station: Tobu Line, Kinugawa Onsen Station